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Vivosonic at AAA 2024

  Visit our booth (#514) at the upcoming AAA Annual Meeting on April 17-20 in Atlanta, Georgia. Preview a demonstration of our new, faster, more convenient software platform, showing our new VEMP* module with EMG monitoring *Currently in development WHAT’S NEW AT VIVOSONIC? New Features of Software Version 8.12 (Release date 30th April, 2024) Updated […]

British Academy of Audiology Conference 2022

Visit Us! Visit our Vivosonic booth (#24)!  We hope you can join us for the 18th Annual Conference of the British Academy of Audiology which is returning to the MCC, Manchester on the 13th and 14th of October 2022. See the newest features of our Integrity™ V500 and view a demonstration! When Transitioning from your […]

Release of Integrity™ Version 8.10

We are pleased to announce the release of Integrity™ software version 8.10, which adds a number of features that significantly enhance user convenience, while providing additional tools for users to aid clinical diagnosis and improve performance. Integrity™ software version 8.10 adds many new features, including: Simplified and more robust data communications for high noise environments […]

Vivosonic at AAA 2022

  Visit our booth (#819) at the upcoming AAA Annual Meeting on March 30 to April 2 in St. Louis, Missouri. See the newest features of our Integrity™ V500 and view a demonstration. What’s New at Vivosonic? New Integrity™ Software Release – Ver. 8.10: Improved User Convenience More Options Superior Noise Handling Capability New OAE […]

British Academy of Audiology Conference 2021

Visit Us! Visit our Vivosonic booth (#41) at the upcoming British Academy of Audiology Conference (November 18-19, 2021) at the Manchester Central Convention Complex. See the newest features of our Integrity™ V500 and view a demonstration! When Transitioning from your Old ABR System, Why Compromise? The Vivosonic Integrity™ V500 is a revolutionary portable auditory diagnostic […]

Vivosonic at AAA 2021

Contact Us to Book a Live Demo Session Contact our Clinical Sales Manager.  Email us at angela.bottley@vivosonic.com to book a 1:1 meeting or product demonstration.   Thank you for Visiting the Vivosonic Booth! For more information or to get in touch with our Sales team, please e-mail sales@vivosonic.com       Visit our virtual booth […]

Effect of Hyperbilirubinemia on Medial Olivocochlear System in Newborns – A Study

J Int Adv Otol 2019; DOI: 10.5152/iao.2019.5723 Burak Karabulut, Mehmet Sürmeli, Şenol Bozdağ, İldem Deveci, Rıza Doğan, Çağatay Oysu https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6750780/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6750780/pdf/jiao-15-2-272.pdf OBJECTIVE: To evaluate medial olivocochlear efferent system of babies with hyperbilirubinemia with normal auditory brain stem responses. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This was a prospective study in a tertiary referral hospital. The study involved 40 […]

Integrity G1 System Update: Limited End-of-Life Support

Vivosonic launched the Integrity™ V500 G2 (Generation 2) two channel version in 2015. This replaced our earlier G1 (Generation 1) one channel version and the even earlier XP version. Vivosonic’s policy is to provide support for a period of 5 years from the date of withdrawal of a product from the market. It is now […]

COVID-19 and Newborn Hearing Testing

The current COVID-19 crisis has caused quarantines and service disruptions around the world. However, delays in diagnostic hearing testing for newborns can affect a lifetime of hearing ability. Regarding audiological development, the first months of a newborn’s life are critical. The sooner hearing changes are identified in a newborn, the more likely interventions can help […]

2019 JCIH Guidelines – Assessing Children Who Cannot be Evaluated Using Behavioral Testing

Approximately 40% of young children who are deaf or hard of hearing have coexisting conditions that, in some cases, may render audiologic evaluation challenging (e.g., physical, intellectual, psychological, or emotional needs or barriers).1 Some children may never become candidates for conventional/behavioral testing methods for the purpose of determining and validating frequency-specific hearing thresholds. Periodic monitoring […]

2019 JCIH Guidelines – Newborn Hearing Screening

Universal newborn hearing screening (UNHS) allows for early diagnosis and prompt intervention for infants who were born deaf or hard of hearing. The ability to ensure timely retesting for all infants who do not pass their newborn hearing screening test is critically important. Outpatient rescreening should be conducted as soon as possible after hospital discharge […]

Release of Integrity™ Version 8.8.5

Vivosonic is pleased to announce the release of Integrity™ software version 8.8.5, which adds many new features, including: Patented improved noise handling H-801 headphone option – TDH 39 Superimpose A,B waveforms on sort Show A,B buffers by default Mid Latency and Late Latency potential (N1/P2)  testing Selectable 30, 35 or 40 dB nHL stimulus intensity […]

Vivosonic Inc….Celebrating 20 Years!

Vivosonic is a leader in the field of auditory evoked potential detection. Since 1999, the company’s R&D activities have produced patented technologies that have resulted in several innovations, including the first and only wireless Auditory Evoked Potential System with advanced noise reduction strategies, leading to better outcomes for the clinician and the patient. The benefits […]

UAE Study Shows Importance of Universal Hearing Screening

Although the incidence of sensorineural hearing loss among infants in the neonatal intensive unit (NICU) is higher than in normal infants, this study from the UAE illustrates the importance of implementing universal hearing screening programmes in both healthy neonates and high-risk newborns admitted to the NICU. Limiting the screening to the high-risk group would fail […]

eEHDI: evolution to revolution

Improving outcomes with Integrity V500 and teleaudiology “The technology is there. It’s super easy. It should be everywhere.”    — Bill Campbell, EHDI 2019 At the EHDI annual meeting earlier this month, the following education session was held: eEHDI: evolution to revolution. Learning Agenda: 1. eAudiology: Shifting from Theory to Practice 2. Practical approaches to […]

Vivosonic at AAA 2019

Visit our booth (#1507) at the upcoming AAA Annual Meeting on March 27 to 30 in Columbus, Ohio. See the newest features of our Integrity™ V500 and view a demonstration. Register for our education session: EC201: ABR Newborn Hearing Screening: Critical Issues Overlooked and Their Clinical Impact Thursday, March 28, 2019 11:30 AM – 12:30 […]

Vivosonic at EHDI 2019

Join us at the EHDI 2019 Annual Meeting, March 3 – 5, in Chicago, IL. Visit our Vivosonic booth (#33) and see the latest version of our Integrity™ V500 System. Register here for our Lunch and Learn Seminar eEHDI Evolution to Revolution Improving Outcomes with Integrity™ V500 and Teleaudiology Tuesday, March 5, 2019 Sign in: […]

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention: Timely Diagnosis, Timely Management

Findlen, Ursula M.; Hounam, Gina M.; Alexy, Emily; Adunka, Oliver F. Ear and Hearing, August 2018 This study examined how three clinical practice changes affected age at diagnosis: 1) Using Kalman-weighted signal averaging for ABR assessment, 2) Using a tone burst-prioritized protocol for assessment, and 3) Expediting the initial visit for infants. The 1-3-6 guideline for […]

Release of Integrity – Version 8.8.1

Vivosonic is pleased to announce the release of Integrity™ software version 8.8.1, marking another important milestone in our product development. Integrity™’s unique technologies provide superior response detection in a greater range of environments, clinical populations and patient states, resulting in improved clinical efficiency, patient comfort, and earlier diagnoses. The Integrity™ V500 System with Awake ABR capabilities […]