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The Learning Library is included with each Integrity V500 System. This library includes a series of helpful videos, which can be accessed from your desktop computer.

These training videos and other resources are available to help you learn about Vivosonic products and how to take advantage of their advanced features and technologies.

To obtain full access to the Integrity Learning Library and all other training resources, please register or log in to your member account here.

View Video # 5.1:

Example of Learning Library Table of Contents:

1  Training Checklist 
Integrity Customer Training Checklist
1.2 Integrity New Features List
1.3 Integrity New Features Video
1.4 Integrity What’s New: G2 Highlights
1.5 Intro to Integrity ABR
2  Your System
2.1 VivoLink Strap Options
2.2 Battery Use & Care
2.3 VivoCheck for Clinical Use
2.4 VivoCheck for Teaching Use
2.5 VivoAmp vs. Amplitrode Options
3   First Steps
3.1 Prior to Patient Arrival
3.2 System Screen
3.2.1 Sharing Custom Protocols
4  ABR Screening
4.1 ABR Screening from Start to Finish
5  ABR
5.1 ABR Patient Preparation & Set Up
5.2 Click ABR from Start to Finish
5.2.1 ABR Test Screen
5.2.2 Electrode Contact & Impedance
5.2.3 Starting Waveform Collection & Viewing Contralateral
5.2.4 Adjusting Waveform Window Timebase
5.2.5 Marking Peaks & Comparing to Normal Latencies
5.2.6 Tools to Confidently Verify Responses
5.2.7 Tools to Confidently Verify Response at Threshold & Determine Stopping Point
5.2.8 Switching Test Ear
5.3 500 Hz Tone Burst ABR from Start to Threshold Determination
5.4 ABR Protocol Screen
5.5 A & B Buffer Sample Experiment
5.5.1 Instruction Guide
5.5.2 ABR Waveform Record Sheet
6  ECochG
6.1 ECochG Patient Set Up
6.2 ECochG Testing
7.1 Introduction and Set Up
7.2 Testing and Analysis
8.1 DPOAE Start to Finish
8.1.1 DPOAE Set-up
8.1.2 DPOAE Creating Protocols
8.1.3 DPOAE Testing, Medium vs. Accurate DSP Stability
8.1.4 DPOAE Analysis, Saving & Printing
9.1 TEOAE Testing
10.1 VEMP Set Up & Testing
11  Saving & Printing
11.1 Saving & Printing from Test Screen
11.2 Editing & Printing from Database
11.3 Printing Multiple Records from Database