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An Extraordinary AEP Product

Greg Ollick, Sr., M.A.  (2016).

Recently I have had the opportunity to work with Vivosonic on their new two-channel diagnostic Auditory Evoked Potential (AEP) system. I have been using the Integrity Gen 2 device with version 8.3 application software. We performed test trials using the default protocols for Click ABR, Tone Burst ABR, ECochG and cVEMP testing, and the results were outstanding. In over 40 years of experience with almost every manufacturer and every AEP product ever introduced in the U.S. market, I have honestly never seen performance that compares to this product. Superior digital response (signal) processing, high sampling rates and extraordinary noise immunity…  [Read Product Review]

eHandbook of Auditory Evoked Responses (with Vivosonic supplement)

James W. Hall III, Ph.D.  (2015).

Salus University, University of Pretoria. Publisher: Amazon.com.

SYNOPSIS: The eHandbook of Auditory Evoked Responses includes offers a clear and comprehensive review of auditory evoked responses from the cochlea to the cortex including test principles, protocols, and procedures for clinical application. The latest advances in clinical research and applications are covered among them the use of ECochG in ANSD and cochlear implantation, the clinical advantages of chirp stimulation in ABR and ASSR recordings, and the multiple contributions of cortical auditory evoked responses to assessment and management of pediatric and adult patients. Included in the eHandbook is a Vivosonic supplement which describes the clinical benefits of the Integrity V500 System for auditory diagnostic testing. Videos and articles are provided to demonstrate and illustrate Vivosonic’s unique technologies.