Integrity G1 System Update: Limited End-of-Life Support

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Integrity G1 System Update: Limited End-of-Life Support

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Vivosonic launched the Integrity™ V500 G2 (Generation 2) two channel version in 2015. This replaced our earlier G1 (Generation 1) one channel version and the even earlier XP version.

Vivosonic’s policy is to provide support for a period of 5 years from the date of withdrawal of a product from the market. It is now over 5 years since the sale of our last new G1 system and we currently have a limited inventory of parts available to service or repair these G1 systems. We are no longer providing software updates for these G1 systems and we no longer support Windows 7. As also previously communicated, support and parts are no longer available for the XP version.

Integrity™ V500 – G2 Version

Most of our customers have already switched to the G2 version.

abrIntegrity™ V500 G2 hardware and software offers improved artifact filtering, ergonomic connectors with built in calibration files and two channel absolute impedance measurement in addition to a host of other improvements. As mentioned in previous communications, our new developments both on the software and the hardware side to support new features and modalities such as Automated ABR Screening, High Frequency ABR and Cortical Potential testing are available only on G2 systems. Integrity™ G2 systems also provide the latest software features designed to enhance user convenience such as waveform addition and subtraction and the option to use VF Narrow Band Chirp stimulus. The product brochure below highlights these features:


Our current software versions (available only for G2 systems) are the 8.8.5 series. There are several exciting new features that are under development for the upcoming Integrity™ 8.9 software release scheduled for release in the summer. These features designed to significantly improve the user experience include:

      • A new, more convenient patient data entry screen
      • Additional options to manage waveforms including smoothing options
      • A new signal-to-noise measurement
      • Noise handling improvements in our patented SOAP Kalman algorithm for difficult test environments

All G2 systems would be eligible for this and additional software updates when released.

We will continue to service G1 systems where possible but we would encourage you to trade in your old G1 systems for the latest Windows 10 based G2 version. As you may be aware, Microsoft has recently ended support for Windows 7 computers.


We are currently offering a trade-in discount for customers wishing to upgrade to G2 systems:


To find out about our special trade-in discount, please contact your Account Manager

or e-mail us at

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

We look forward to continue working with you to ensure you get the best experience from your Integrity™ V500 system.


Integrity™ V500 System and Accessories

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