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    Integrity V500 Helps Solve Common Challenges

    Clinics around the world experience the practical benefits of the Integrity™ V500 System for auditory evoked potentials (AEP) and otoacoustic emissions (OAE) measurements. The Integrity V500 System with Awake ABR capabilities is the AEP system of choice for clinics specializing in pediatric audiology. Vivosonic’s unique technologies provide superior response detection in a greater range of environments, clinical populations and patient states, resulting in improved clinical efficiency, patient comfort, and earlier diagnoses.

    reduced electromagnetic interference


    Unique, advanced technology significantly reduces myogenic and electromagnetic interference resulting in clear, accurate diagnostic assessments, typically in one visit. Test more patients in more places.

    • Enables testing in electrically “noisy” environments, e.g. ICU, O.R., MRI area

    • Allows child to play quietly or be held during testing

    • Decreases multiple visits, loss to follow-up, delays in diagnosis

    • Portability enables teleaudiology in remote locations

    awake abr

    AWAKE /

    Fewer sedations are required during ABR testing. If needed, children can be comforted and held by the caregiver, or wheeled around in the stroller. Children can play quietly without being restricted by wires.

    • Reduces patient risk and caregiver anxiety about sedation

    • Decreases need for re-scheduling because child is not sleeping

    • Reduces treatment delays

    • Facilitates screening of special needs populations

    abr hearing test results

    TOOLS &

    Built-in statistical tools quickly evaluate waveform repeatability and residual noise. We offer comprehensive product training and our team of trained professionals will help you with technical questions.

    • Simultaneous display of two statistically independent waveforms to confirm repeatability

    • Tone Burst norms for pediatrics; Broadband Chirp

    • VivoCheck™ full system feedback check included

    • Comprehensive Learning Library with instructional videos

    abr assr dpoae teoae aep


    Depending on the particular needs of your clinic, the Integrity™ V500 System is available with various combinations of test modalities and hardware options, along with single (1) or dual (2) recording channels.

    Superior ABR detection without sedation

    Test in electrically noisy environments

    Clinical efficiency and results in one visit

    Wireless convenience

    Portable and easy to use