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Auditory Diagnostic Testing and Newborn Hearing Screening

The Integrity™ V500 Auditory Diagnostic System combines new signal processing technologies, innovative amplifier design, and wireless capabilities to produce clear recordings without sedation or anesthesia.

Integrity™ minimizes patient risk, facilitates the early detection of hearing loss, significantly reduces loss to follow-up issues for newborn hearing screening programs, and demonstrates reliable performance in challenging clinical environments such as the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and operating room (OR).

Integrity™ improves clinical efficiency and can be configured with customized modalities to suit your clinic’s needs. In addition, built-in tools simplify the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of data.

auditory brainstem testing
reduced electromagnetic interference


“Prior to using the Integrity, it was not uncommon to have to move an infant to a separate area of the NICU in order to complete an assessment. Monitors and alarms not only added electrical interference, but the noise also stimulated the babies, increasing the myogenic interference.”
Dr. B. Walker, AuD, CCC-A

Sources of electromagnetic interference in the environment typically make it difficult to collect reliable AEP measurements. It is common for audiologists to spend more time reducing environmental noise to acceptable levels than actually recording data. Studies report clear advantages of the Integrity V500 System over popular AEP equipment when testing in environments with high electromagnetic interference. Integrity has been found to be less susceptible to electrical artifact and power line noise, with the ability to determine more accurate hearing threshold levels than other products in difficult environments such as the NICU.

The need to use shielded rooms or special equipment is virtually eliminated. And, with its immunity to electromagnetic interference, Integrity V500 System is an invaluable tool for intraoperative monitoring in the noisy operating room. Whether in the NICU, operating room, office, waiting room, or other suboptimal conditions, Integrity technology is effective in managing electrical artifacts — saving busy practitioners valuable clinical time, and budget-conscious clinics valuable resources.

“The wireless interface with the computer is innovative! It is user, patient and family friendly. Vivosonic is the only diagnostic ABR system that provides this feature.”
Dr. B. Cone, PhD, CCC-A

Wireless technology integrated into the Integrity V500 System has convenient and practical benefits. The VivoLink™ wireless recording technology records the ABR and sends the data wirelessly to the Integrity computer – up to a distance of 30 feet (10 meters) – for further processing and storage. This provides patients the freedom to move, untethered to the computer. Infants can be conveniently tested while in their mothers’ arms, in an incubator, in a car seat or stroller, or in similar comforting positions. Straps that attach to the VivoLink enable the unit to be worn as a back-pack on a young child, or around the neck of an older child or adult.

awake abr


“Availability of the Vivosonic Integrity reduces the need for sedation by up to 66% for children requiring ABR assessment.”
Dr. J. Hall III, PhD & T. Sauter, MA, F-AAA

“While it is always ideal to record in sleeping or sedated infants, the results of this study showed the ability to successfully record thresholds in awake quiet infants when an adequate sleep was not achieved.” A.M. Elsayed, et al., Ear & Hearing. 36(4):471-481, July/August 2015.

“…there are many children and infants that I am now able to assess without the use of sedation. Also with adults who are seen for neurological ABR’s I find the waveform morphology develops quicker, which is likely due to the algorithm that reduces the artifact in the averages.”
P. Ellis , M.Sc . Aud.(C)

Patented and award-winning technologies built into the Integrity V500 System enable clinical practitioners to obtain accurate and reliable ABR measurements without sedation or anesthesia. The ability to perform non-sedated ABR assessments is essential to maximize patient safety, assess high-risk patients, reduce wait times for diagnostic assessments, ease caregiver anxiety, and significantly reduce healthcare costs. ABR assessments without sedation make it ideal for use in tele-health and the provision of assessments via tele-audiology.

The Integrity V500 System further enables practitioners to assess young patients while they are awake, without the need to employ inconvenient and, oftentimes, ineffective sleep deprivation methods. No other AEP product on the market has the same combination of technologies to facilitate Awake ABR.

abr hearing test results


Unlike conventional systems that employ artifact rejection to discard noisy sweeps, the Integrity V500 System uses sophisticated SOAP™ Adaptive Processing — no sweeps are rejected so data can be collected and analyzed in less time.

The replicability of AEP responses can be readily visualized with the help of dual buffers which enable the visual inspection of waveforms generated from different sweeps without repeating the collection protocol. Residual noise in the response can also be visually inspected with the help of the buffers. In addition, objective statistical measures are calculated to further enhance confidence in waveform interpretation.

Alternating split polarity is available to detect the cochlear microphonic in a response. To examine specific areas of the waveform, the recording window can be adjusted to focus on the area of interest.

abr assr dpoae teoae aep


The Integrity™ V500 System is available with dual (2) recording channels, along with various combinations of test modalities and hardware options. In addition, a comprehensive Learning Library of videos and instructional resources is included with every system for easy learning and quick reference.

Modalities for Diagnostic Testing

ABR / Non-sedated ABR / Awake ABR

Auditory Brainstem Response

ECochG / Non-invasive ECochG


ASSR / Fully automated ASSR

Auditory Steady State Response


Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions


Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions

40 Hz ERP

40 Hz Event Related Potential

High Frequency ABR

High Frequency ABR

Cortical MLR/LLR

Cortical Middle Latency Response/Late Latency Response


Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential*

*In the U.S., VEMP is currently an off-label application.

Modalities for Screening with Pass and Refer (Fail) Results

Newborn Hearing Screening with automated ABR

DPOAE screening

TEOAE screening