Release of Integrity™ Version 8.10

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Release of Integrity™ Version 8.10

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We are pleased to announce the release of Integrity™ software version 8.10, which adds a number of features that significantly enhance user convenience, while providing additional tools for users to aid clinical diagnosis and improve performance.

Integrity™ software version 8.10 adds many new features, including:

  • Simplified and more robust data communications for high noise environments
  • Fsp
  • VF (Narrow Band) Chirp to IEC Standard 60645-3: 2020
  • IPSI (one-channel) and IPSI/Contra (two-channel) operation modes
  • Default Start Level in Protocol setup
  • Default SS/SE locations in Protocol setup (for A & B buffer comparison)
  • Additional printout options
  • Additional trace specific information, including software version used during testing


Click image below to watch quick video showing helpful features

from recent software versions of Integrity™, including ver. 8.10:

integrity video


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