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Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (UNHS)

The Integrity™ V500 System with the automated Auditory Brainstem Response modality, ensures easy, fast, and reliable hearing screening of newborns in hospitals to identify potential neural hearing loss.

The Integrity™ ABR Newborn Hearing Screening System is a portable, battery-operated system, which can be placed near the infant in the bassinet/incubator. The test data is sent wirelessly and displayed on a laptop computer located up to 30 ft. away. This allows for safe physical distancing during testing plus a large, user-friendly navigation screen to set up and monitor the test. The Integrity™ Newborn Hearing Screener provides fast, easy, reliable results – even in the NICU – and can be customized to optimize the efficiency of your particular clinic.

• Quickly displays Pass/Refer results
• Clear, accurate readings reduce false positives and rate of referrals
• Testing can continue, even if infant is slightly awake
• Options for adding diagnostic ABR and OAE
• Easy operation and training resources for new users
• Administration tools to set up individual users
• Patient data securely stored in laptop computer
• Hi-Track compatible



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