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auditory brainstem response equipment


Allows You to Perform Screening and Diagnostic ABR, ECochG, Cortical AEP, ASSR, DPOAE and TEOAE Testing

Integrity system

The Integrity™ V500 ABR System is well suited for infant and special needs patients, and also works well for adult diagnostics in less than perfect test conditions. Our unique technology provides excellent performance in electrically noisy environments, even with awake but calm and quiet patients. The wireless patient module sends test data to the clinician’s PC up to 30 ft away and provides safe physical distancing or patient mobility when necessary. The Integrity™ is portable and is well suited for teleaudiology applications.



All Integrity™ V500 (ABR, OAE, Automated ABR) Systems include:
VivoLink™ Wireless Interface Module with Pediatric Shoulder Strap, Laptop Computer, Carrying Case, Battery Charger, 2 sets of custom battery packs, Integrity™ V500 User’s Manual, Database Software Module

+ Included in all Integrity™ Systems with:


  • VivoAmp™ with Snap-Clip Electrodes for G2 System
  • ER3-C Insert Earphones
  • B81 Bone Conductor
  • ECochG Lead Cable for VivoAmp
  • Starter set of disposables including Ear Tips and Electrodes

+ Included in all Integrity™ Systems with:


  • Vivosonic General-use OAE Probe
  • Probe Holder
  • Probe Cleaning Tool Set
  • Ear Tip Set

+ Included in all Integrity™ Systems with:

Automated ABR (Screening)

  • Automated ABR Screening License
  • Alligator Clip Lead Set and Snap-Clip Lead Set for VivoAmp™
  • VivoTab™ Electrodes

Optional Accessories for G2 Systems:

Integrity system