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Auditory brainstem response equipment

New Features and Releases

Integrity™ 8.11

(Effective date December 2022)

We are pleased to inform you that we have just released software ver. 8.11 for Integrity G2 systems. This release includes the following features:

  • Option to purchase as a 1-channel system (Ipsilateral recording) while allowing 2-channel patient set-up and automatic channel switching — upgradeable to a 2-channel system (Ipsilateral and Contralateral recording) at any time without change of hardware
  • Help (?) button on all screens for quick and easy access to instructional videos and user manuals
  • New RETSPL option conforming to ISO standards in addition to currently available options
  • Option to preview RETSPL values on System screen
  • Pre-stimulus recording option for ABR protocols with stimulus rate < 20 Hz
  • B81 Bone Conductor compatibility
  • Other System Screen Options:
    • Selection of automatic display of A and B buffers, and/or A-B waveform
    • User selection of default Y-axis scaling when using CV-Amp (for cortical MLR/LLR testing)
    • Show L1, L2 values on DP-Gram
    • Automatic display of contralateral waveform during Bone Conduction testing
    • Display of A and B waveforms as stacked or separated during sorting
  • Addition of a Troubleshooting Guide in the Learning Library for help with noisy ABR waveforms

[View New Features List by Software Version – PDF]

New Features Video – 8.11



Integrity™ 8.10

(Effective date November 2021)

New Features Video – 8.10



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