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Still using our 1-channel Integrity System?

With our ongoing commitment to research and development, we have made several hardware and software improvements to the Integrity V500 in order to ensure a better testing experience. We encourage customers who own Integrity 1-channel systems to upgrade to our newest 2-channel system, and take advantage of the latest advancements, such as:


Our 2-channel Integrity V500 offers:

  • Two channel convenience
  • Diagnostic ABR + optional Automated Screening ABR
  • VivoAmp
    • Automatic detection of 1 and 2 channels
    • Better shielding for noise immunity
    • Replaceable leads for low-cost maintenance
    • Interchangeable electrode options
  • New, ergonomic Lemo connectors
  • Better artifact filtering
  • More robust connections
  • Smart transducer – calibration files stored in each transducer
  • Latest software version – 8.8.1 features [View pdf]
  • Free update to version 9.0 when released

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